Good Workplace Management

Marshall ELearning, have launched an Inclusive Managers Elearning Toolkit. Aimed at middle managers across public and private sector organisations, this inclusion themed toolkit is designed to build managers’ skills and confidence.

The Inclusive Managers Toolkit is built around the key concepts of Inclusive Management, containing 12 modules grouped into three key areas: technical skills, leadership concepts and managing behaviour.

Modules in the toolkit include: What is Management?; Recruitment and Selection; Team Development; Developing employee motivation; Developing trust between managers and leaders; and Managing Inappropriate Behaviour.

This video clip from our course tackles the issue of discipline and grievance proceedings.

Effective Good Management requires preparation for conflict situations. Whether it’s an employee grievance or a disciplinary issue with a team member, it’s crucial to handle these challenges sensitively and in accordance with organisational policy. Listen and attempt to resolve conflicts through informal negotiation, discussion, and appropriate judgement. If informal methods fail, use the formal grievance procedure for a fair, quick, and effective resolution. Good management also involves having a thorough understanding of relevant policies and possessing the interpersonal and professional skills necessary for disciplinary action. Avoiding an employment tribunal through effective conflict resolution benefits both the manager and the organisation.

To find out more about Marshall E-Learning’s Managers Toolkit e-learning course, please email, call 0845 123 3909 or visit the website: Managers Toolkit e-learning course.

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