Mental Health Stress at Work

Mental health fatigue is a condition triggered by prolonged cognitive activity and it has existed prior to the pandemic. In light of the pandemic, and the extra challenges this brings to the workforce, Marshall E-Learning have launched a CPD certified course to raise awareness of mental health fatigue.

A combination of worries about Covid-19, lockdowns, working from home, home schooling, financial and health concerns as well as gyms and leisure services currently closed, it means mental health fatigue is a real issue.

This video clip from our course asks the question, what causes stress at work.

Workplace stress is a widespread issue caused by a variety of environmental factors. In this article, we will explore these factors and provide insights on how to address them. Poor working conditions, such as dim lighting, inadequate ventilation, and uncomfortable desk setups, can contribute to workplace stress, especially in office environments. Similarly, overexposure to pollutants or loud noise levels in industrial settings can have the same effect. Overworking and lack of boundaries can also cause stress. Furthermore, unclear goals and poor communication among colleagues can lead to a sense of confusion and mismatch of expectations. Finally, a feeling of disconnection from the organization’s objectives can lead to demotivation and feelings of undervaluation. Reflect on these factors and think about ways to resolve workplace stress.

To find out more about Marshall E-Learning’s Mental Health Fatigue e-learning course, please email, call 0845 123 3909 or visit the website: Mental Health Fatigue e-learning course.

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