Inclusive Recruitment and Selection

Our Inclusive Recruitment and Selection course which has been built for a higher education audience, includes an ongoing, interactive video case study asking learners to make decisions about a simulated HE recruitment requirement illustrating the importance of equality and diversity.

This video is one strand of a fictional selection process that takes viewers from shortlisting to post-interview. In addition to this, the course also includes a series of ‘vox pop’ video interviews with real University staff focus on key areas: Challenges; Training; Diversity; Best Practice; Panel Selection; Unconscious Bias and Keys to Success.

There’s a strong business case for getting the recruitment process right. First time. In this course, learners get practical guidance on attracting and recruiting the very best people using the university’s recruitment and selection processes.

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This course showcases the kind of support we give to universities to get the recruitment process right. Click here to find out more about our Inclusive Recruitment course.

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