Unconscious Bias Decisions

This video is the third in a series of 4 videos about Unconscious BiasĀ and how it impacts on our daily working lives. In this video we explore how we make decisions and how Unconscious Bias affects our judgement.

Our unconscious biases unknowingly help us to form opinions about others. When we make judgments we all have biases and some are completely unconscious t and reflect our cultural and social experiences. These aspects of our nature shape how we interact and how we make decisions and we are unaware they exist, as Daniel Kahnemanne once said “The brain is a machine for jumping to conclusions”.

We make decisions about people within seconds about their confidence, friendliness even honest. If we don’t tackle these unconscious biases then it’s very easy to jump to conclusions and hinder teamwork and creativity. As we live in a diverse world and usually work in a diverse workplace we must make sure our subconscious biases do not impact on the people we come into contact with in order to preserve equality and diversity in the workplace.

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