Making Good Decisions

Explore how to optimise your decision-making capabilities, helping you to make sound judgements and boost success and wellbeing.

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Creativity in the Workplace

Learn about the value of creativity in the workplace and how to develop your creativity skills.

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How to live healthily

Explore tips and guidance on how to prioritise your mental and physical health to live a healthier life.

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Strengthening critical thinking

Find out what critical thinking is, the benefits and how to strengthen your skills.

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Support Employee Wellbeing - Marshall Elearning Courses

How Managers Can Support Employee Wellbeing

Article by Meg Shona Halpin-Webster, Graduate eLearning Content Writer at Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a Ciphr company Today (10 October 2023) is World Mental Health Day and an opportunity to raise…

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Microlearning Mental Wellbeing - Marshall Elearning Courses

New Microlearning and Mental Wellbeing Courses

Marshall e-Learning is excited to share our latest developments in digital learning. With over 20 years of experience at the forefront of digital learning for organisations, businesses, and the education…

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Mental Health Awareness - Marshall Elearning Courses

Mental Health Awareness Training

This course on Mental Health in the Workplace is a practical resource for people who may be considering therapy, but…

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Student Mental Health - Marshall Elearning Courses

Student Mental Health

Students of all ages deal with different issues whilst at university – for some, it is the first time they…

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Managing Positive Mental Health - Marshall Elearning Courses

Managing Positive Mental Health at Work Training

This Mental Health Elearning Course is designed to help managers identify and correct the early indicators and causes of mental…

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Encouraging Resilience Post Pandemic

It has been widely reported that the pandemic, alongside the government measures such as lockdown and social distancing taken by the government to control it, have had a significant impact…

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Implementing Positive Mental Health

Despite increased media coverage, there is still a stigma associated with mental health. We need to remove or reduce that stigma. There are no easy answers or sure-fire solutions. However,…

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Gamiel Yafai Mental Health Fatigue

Gamiel Yafai on Mental Health Fatigue

To mark the recent launch of our Mental Health Fatigue course we spoke to its author, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist Gamiel Yafai who runs Diversity Marketplace about the origins, development…

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Mental Health Fatigue - Marshall Elearning Courses

Mental Health Fatigue Training

This unique video-led course blends animated scenarios with video insights raising awareness of mental health issues in the workplace.

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Hybrid Working - Marshall Elearning Courses

Hybrid Working

This Hybrid Working course is essential for any business that wants to bridge the gap that comes when both working…

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Universities Return to Work - Marshall Elearning Courses

Universities Welcome Staff Back

Marshall E-Learning’s new course gets universities safely back to business post-lockdown. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown, Exeter, Coventry and Worcester universities have each taken advantage of the benefits…

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Return to Work Elearning Course - Marshall Elearning Courses

Return to Work Elearning Course ‘live’

  “We are pleased to be an early adopter of Marshalls timely, new resource, Future Ways of Working. This useful organisational development resource will be made available to all staff…

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Supporting Wellbeing After Lockdown

The lockdown has brought the mental and emotional health of employees to the forefront of many businesses as people adapt to life amidst the uncertainty of job security and fears…

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Return to Work Elearning - Marshall Elearning Courses

Return to Work Training

Return to Work Elearning Course provides key advice, precautions and staffing strategies you need to create a safe working environment…

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Managing Virtual Teams - Marshall Elearning Courses

Wellbeing Training for Managing Virtual Teams

Wellbeing Elearning Course for all when managing virtual teams. You and each of your team members have different wellbeing needs.

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Business Training Resources - Marshall Elearning Courses

Business Training Through Lockdown

When the country was forced into lockdown in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to scramble to ensure they could keep going, including our many loyal clients who…

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How to Ensure Compliance - Marshall Elearning Courses

How to Ensure Compliance

We know that the work of diversity, inclusion and wellbeing is about changing the outcomes for under-represented groups but it also includes a substantial responsibility for ensuring that managers and…

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Mental health wellbeing elearning courses

Mental Health Wellbeing Elearning Courses

You will probably experience some kind of mental health issue at some point in your life. According to Mind, the mental health charity, 1 in 4 people will experience a…

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Anonymous Reporting - Marshall Elearning Courses

Anonymous Reporting Training

Our new Anonymous Reporting Elearning Course has been developed to support our Sexual Disclosure and Sexual Consent on Campus courses.

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Mental Health at Work - Marshall Elearning Courses

Mental Health at Work and Looking after Yourself

This Mental Health Elearning Course places a strong focus on the individual in the workplace and how they can protect…

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Mental Health Supporting Others - Marshall Elearning Courses

Mental Health – Supporting Others

This new Mental Health Elearning Course focuses on the importance of Mental Health in the workplace, supporting others with Mental…

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Student Personal Security - Marshall Elearning Courses

Student Personal Security Training

Wellbeing Elearning Course supports students to stay safe on and off campus and includes signposting to on-campus tools and services.

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Giving Good Feedback - Marshall Elearning Courses

Giving Good Feedback Training

Giving Good Feedback Elearning Course delves into what makes feedback effective and the unconscious biases that may occur when giving…

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Disclosure of Sexual Violence - Marshall Elearning Courses

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence Training

This Disclosure Elearning Course, developed with Brunel University London, ensures that disclosures of sexual violence are tackled sensitively.

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Responding to Student Mental Health - Marshall Elearning Courses

Responding to Student Mental Health Training

Developed with University of Manchester, this Student Mental Health Elearning Course is part of a suite of Elearning Courses supporting…

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Sexual Disclosure - Marshall Elearning Courses

Student Disclosure of Unwanted Sexual Incidents Training

Sexual Harassment Elearning Course. The only online disclosure elearning course developed in partnership with Rape Crisis.

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Health and Safety - Marshall Elearning Courses

Health and Safety Training

This Health and Safety Elearning Course provides three core units: an Introduction to Health & Safety, Risk Management, and Fire…

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Coaching Performance Management - Marshall Elearning Courses

Coaching and Performance Management Training

Many say the annual appraisal is dead. In this Coaching and Performance Management Elearning Course we explore how to move…

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Student Mental Health U.S - Marshall Elearning Courses

USA Student Mental Health Training

Mental Health Elearning Course focuses on helping academics & staff members to identify at-risk students and respond to Mental Health…

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Student Disclosure U.S Version - Marshall Elearning Courses

USA Student Disclosure Training

Sexual Harassment Elearning Course The only online disclosure module developed in partnership with Rape Crisis in the UK. adapted for…

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Health and Safety for Students - Marshall Elearning Courses

Health and Safety for Students Training

This Health and Safety Elearning Course for Students tutorial covers core health and safety issues, carefully written with a student…

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Bystander Intervention – Marshall Elearning Courses

Bystander Intervention

This bystander intervention training course provides students with the appropriate knowledge to steer clear from a range of abuse on…

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Online Student Induction - Marshall Elearning Courses

Online Student Induction Programme

An Online Induction Elearning Course with Surrey University covers a suite of student-facing topics including Mental Health, Diversity and Equality.

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Sexual Consent on Campus - Marshall Elearning Courses

Sexual Consent on Campus Training

This Sexual Harassment eLearning Course is one of 4 modules from our Student Welfare Suite and is tailored to meet…

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Alcohol and Drug Awareness - Marshall Elearning Courses

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Training

This Alcohol and Drug Awareness Elearning course was developed with Brunei University and is part of our Online Student Induction.

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Social Media Savvy - Marshall Elearning Courses

Social Media Savvy Training

Information Security Elearning Course, developed with Canterbury Christchurch University this course is one of 4 Online Induction Elearning Courses.

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Stress Management - Marshall Elearning Courses

Stress Management Training

Stress Management Course. Take positive action now to manage the pressures and stresses of the current difficult climate.

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Employability for Students - Marshall Elearning Courses

Employability for Students

Our Employability for Students Elearning Course was developed with talent managament experts 10Eighty with the tough job marketplace in mind.

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