No-Deal Brexit Implications for Higher Education

30th October 2019

The news, social media, and daily conversations have been dominated of late with headlines about Brexit and the possible impacts to our economy, healthcare and society. However not much has been discussed about the possible implications of a no-deal Brexit on our universities and colleges.

Across the sector uncertainty

Despite speculation, nobody knows for sure what may happen, although areas involving student placements abroad, student intake from the EU, the rights of staff members to work and settle in the UK, EU funding for the Erasmus and Horizon 2020, GDPR, mutual recognition of professional qualifications and student finance, will all undoubtedly be subject to major overhaul.

Needless to say, this could have a devastating impact on how higher education institutions continue to operate. Without agreements in place, the uncertainty will drive down student numbers from EU countries. The removal of funding for Erasmus + placements as well as grants for science, research and innovation (Horizon 2020), will reduce student numbers as well as job opportunities for post-doctoral researchers.

Staffing concerns

Even more worryingly, current members of staff with EU citizenship will be required to apply for settled status in the event of a No Deal. Depending upon individual circumstances, this could mean that staff may have to return to their country of origin, leading to staff shortages and reduction of available courses, modules and even a reduction in institutional reputation.

At Marshall’s we are keeping a close eye on Brexit process and subsequent guidance, so we can deliver a course that provides our HE clients with all the information they need on each of the impacts and subsequent procedures. As with all the courses on our Higher Education Subscription Service, you can rest assured that any changes to the legislation or recommended guidance will be upgraded automatically. Watch the video below for more information:

Express yourself

Another consequence of Brexit is that the contentious and divisive nature of the current political situation can lead to difficult relations amongst staff and students. The current polemic between ‘leavers’ and ‘remainers’ has led to a sometimes difficult and less tolerant work environment. Therefore it’s vital that staff and students are reminded that whichever side of the debate they’re on, it’s important to express their views with respect, civility and tolerance. For more information on how this can be achieved check out our Diversity in the Workplace for Universities course.

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