Global Companies Use Our Unconscious Bias Training

6th July 2020

As a global technology company, we have a diverse team with employees in Ireland, USA, Australia, Serbia as well as other remote locations. It was important to find the right training to address the important issue of Unconscious Bias in order to educate our global team to understand behaviours and be equipped to improve on those behaviours. We found the Unconscious Bias course offered by Marshall E-Learning ideal for this. ” – Susan Nolan, Chief Operating Officer, LearnUpon.


We were to pleased to set this training up for Learn Upon whose superb LMS has gone from strength to strength. The biggest change in our work over the last two years has been moving from being a UK focused business, to finding a need from global organisations who need video tutorials that should multi-cultural teams. Sometimes this involves translating the modules into different languages which we can now do in a very fast and efficient way. Here is a preview and do get in touch if you want to see more:

Unconscious Bias for Global Organisations


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