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New Cultural Competency Elearning Courses

Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a leading provider of diversity and inclusion training solutions, has announced the release of their Cultural Competency Elearning Courses for staff and students at UK universities. Originally…

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Cultural Competency for Students - Marshal Elearning Courses

Cultural Competency for Students: Living and Studying in the UK

This course will introduce you to key features of UK culture.

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Cultural Competence for Staff - Marshall Elearning Courses

Cultural Competence for Staff

Designed for staff working in HE, seeking guidance and support interacting with international students.

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Cultural Awareness - Marshall Elearning Courses

Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Awareness Elearning Course provides an introduction for international students to life in the UK by raising awareness of Equality…

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Diversity in the Workplace Australia - Marshall Elearning Courses

Australia Diversity in the Workplace Training

Our latest Diversity Elearning Course Diversity in the Workplace Australia is a unique course for a uniquely diverse country.

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Cultural Awareness Elearning Course

Informing foreign students about UK cultural life & language More students than ever are coming from overseas to UK universities. Naturally we want to give them the best possible welcome,…

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Cultural Awareness Course Overseas Footballers

The BBC reported last week that football’s governing bodies are considering the introduction of cultural lessons for foreign players to aid their work in tackling the recent increase in racially…

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