Cultural Awareness Elearning Course

17th December 2012

Informing foreign students about UK cultural life & language

More students than ever are coming from overseas to UK universities. Naturally we want to give them the best possible welcome, and a friendly and practical introduction to life in the UK by raising their cultural awareness.

Our higher education clients told us their priority was to ensure international students are safe. Whilst their students told us they wanted an insight into UK speech patterns and in the subtle, but sometimes confusing for newcomers, way that English is used in the UK.

Our cultural awareness e-learning course is an essential addition to our suite of diversity e-learning courses and is very topical too.

Your learning outcomes

This 40-minute e-learning course can be customised for any institution and focuses on the following areas:

  • Welcome to the UK
  • Language and Communication?including a quiz on English slang
  • Staying safe
  • Diversity in the UK
  • Study skills – avoiding plagarism and where to go for help
  • UK values

Stay up-to-date

If you get any of our diversity e-learning courses you’ll get all the updates we make, so you’ll always be up-to-date with current legislation.

Learning by design

All our diversity e-learning courses are highly interactive with rich graphics and audio-visual content blending a variety of question-types to encourage uses to apply concepts to their daily work routine. An (optional) end-of-course test assesses users on the level of knowledge they’ve retained. Pass rates can be set as required.

Easy to implement & customise

This e-learning course comes with Marshall ACM’s LMS which allows you to manage all your e-learning and track completed training.

Our in-house developers can quickly & effectively adapt this course to your sector and organisation. You could also add your own graphics, photos & video and amend content to include your policies, procedures and key areas.

Learn more

If you’d like a free trial of this course or would like to find out more about our diversity e-learning courses pleaseĀ  call us on the number at?the foot of this page.


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