Cultural Awareness Course Overseas Footballers

17th December 2012

The BBC reported last week that football’s governing bodies are considering the introduction of cultural lessons for foreign players to aid their work in tackling the recent increase in racially related offences in the English game.

‘English Football’s Inclusion and Anti Discrimination Action Plan’ was written in the earlier in the year after PM David Cameron demanded tougher action to tackle discrimination. In this 93-point document is a recommendation for clubs to introduce a mandatory anti-discrimination clause in all players’ and managers’ contracts.

Although some clubs have clear policies on dealing with employees in the event of racist or discriminatory behaviour, it is not currently part of the standard contract for managers and players.

The stand-out idea in the document was that newcomers to English football should be inducted into the “British cultural environment”. This is a direct reaction to the case that involved Liverpool’s Luis Suarez in 2011 when he received an eight-game ban from the FA for racially abusing Manchester United player Patrice Evra.

By proposing the introduction of a cultural awareness course the FA are acknowledging more needs to be done to help educate the significant number of overseas players.

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