• Communication

    Introduces learners to the key communication skills used by successful managers

  • Defining Management

    Examines the key criteria for effective management, exploring skills, behaviours and management styles.

  • Discipline and Grievance

    Guides learners through the best practice for managing disciplinary and grievance procedures.

  • Equality and Diversity

    Explores the importance of diversity in successful organisations, and steps individuals can take to prevent discrimination.

  • Introduction to the Management Toolkit

    Providing managers with an overview of the key themes.

  • Managing Absence

    Introduces learners to the key skills and tools used by organisations to manage short-term and long-term staff absences.

  • Managing Budgets

    Provides an overview of key techniques used by organisations to manage budgets and maximise performance and productivity.

  • Managing Teams

    Introduces learners to the key skills and behaviours used by managers to get the best from their teams.

  • Performance Review

    Introduces managers to essential skills and techniques for monitoring and assessing staff performance and providing feedback to staff members.

  • Recruitment and Selection

    Focuses on recruitment and selection decisions, providing managers with a toolkit for identifying the best candidates for the organisation.

  • Staff Induction

    Provides an overview of the best practice for ensuring that new and returning staff are seamlessly integrated within the organisation.

  • Time Management

    Effective time management and strategies to reduce workplace stress and maximise productivity.

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