Sexual Harassment Legal Industry - Marshall Elearning Courses

Sexual Harassment Prevalent Legal Industry

Recent reports have indicated that UK law firms and government legal departments still suffer high levels of bullying and harassment. This was also high in contrast to their international peers,…

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Disclosure of Sexual Violence - Marshall Elearning Courses

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence Training

This Disclosure Elearning Course, developed with Brunel University London, ensures that disclosures of sexual violence are tackled sensitively.

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Sexual Disclosure - Marshall Elearning Courses

Student Disclosure of Unwanted Sexual Incidents Training

Sexual Harassment Elearning Course. The only online disclosure elearning course developed in partnership with Rape Crisis.

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Sexual Harassment U.S - Marshall Elearning Courses

USA Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Elearning Course will support organizations to provide a safe working environment where all staff are treated with dignity…

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Diversity Training for Students U.S - Marshall Elearning Courses

USA Diversity Training for Students

This Diversity Elearning Course for Students course is tailored to meet the mental, physical and emotional needs of students. Adapted…

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Bystander Intervention – Marshall Elearning Courses

Bystander Intervention

This bystander intervention training course provides students with the appropriate knowledge to steer clear from a range of abuse on…

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Sexual Harassment - Marshall Elearning Courses

Sexual Harassment

This Sexual Harassment eLearning course will support organisations to provide a safe working environment where all staff are treated with…

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Sexual Consent on Campus - Marshall Elearning Courses

Sexual Consent on Campus Training

This Sexual Harassment eLearning Course is one of 4 modules from our Student Welfare Suite and is tailored to meet…

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Bullying and Harassment - Marshall Elearning Courses

Bullying and Harassment

This equality and diversity online e-learning training course looks at why Bullying and Harassment is increasingly serious workplace issue.

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Bullying and Harassment E-learning

Raise awareness, reduce bullying in the workplace This Bullying and Harassment elearning course looks at an increasingly serious workplace issue from a staff and manager perspective. Course One is aimed…

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Bullying Harassment Managers

Sector: NHS An organisation which invests in people as its most valuable resource, and defines what is and is not acceptable behaviour, is unlikely to have significant issues relating to…

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