‘Disclosure by Students’ eLearning with Manchester Met Case Study

Collaborating with Manchester Metropolitan University
Collaborating with Manchester Metropolitan University

Developing eLearning with MMU to meet OfS requirements.


About Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is a leading university with a reputation for being student-centred and people-led. Dedicated to education excellence and providing a positive student experience, MMU is renowned for its inclusive and diverse culture and the support it offers for students and staff. The University reached out to Marshalls to create a bespoke module titled ‘Disclosure by Students’. This would combine a bespoke module developed by Marshalls with Brunel University on ‘Responding to disclosures from students of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct’, with an off-the-shelf eLearning module on ‘Disclosures of a racial incident by a student’.

Key points

  • Following newly-issued expectations from the Office for Students (OfS) on preventing and addressing harassment and sexual misconduct, Manchester Metropolitan University wanted to create a bespoke module addressing and reflecting these expectations
  • They wanted to combine two eLearning modules: Marshalls off-the-shelf ‘Disclosure of a racial incident by a student’ eLearning course and a bespoke module on the topic of ‘Responding to disclosures from students of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct’
  • ‘Disclosure by Students’ eLearning was developed with Marshalls to ensure OfS compliance and to offer MMU staff, and staff members of other HE institutions, all the key information required on this crucial topic of addressing sexual harassment and misconduct across university campuses

The challenge

The Office for Students issued a new statement of expectations for higher education institutions regarding training related to sexual harassment and misconduct disclosures by students. The OfS specified that training must cover all forms of harassment and sexual misconduct, include bystander training and demonstrate measurable changes in attitudes and behaviours because of the training. The challenge was therefore to create an eLearning module to address these new expectations and be compliant with the OfS.

“As a University, we are keen to work with all colleagues to ensure they feel confident and supported in handling student disclosures in the appropriate way,” said Paul Walsh, people development manager at MMU.  “In light of the Office for Students’ Statement of expectations for preventing and addressing harassment and sexual misconduct, we worked closely with Marshalls to develop engaging learning content for colleagues that reflects these expectations and delivers some core underpinning principles to support students, and themselves, in responding to a disclosure.”

MMU recognised that they could achieve OfS compliance by combining two existing eLearning modules from Marshalls to effectively achieve their intended goal. By combining these two courses, MMU had a thorough, informative and relevant eLearning module to offer their staff members on the topic of student disclosures. It was important when combining these two modules that all the language was correct and cohesive, so that the module itself felt like a standalone course with relevant and engaging information for the learner.

Collaborating with Marshalls – experts in creating eLearning content for higher education institutions

MMU trusted Marshall E-Learning – as a trusted provider of high-quality, informative, and up-to-date eLearning content – to provide a reliable, accurate module that met the expectations outlined by the OfS.

“Throughout the development process, Marshalls have been responsive and collaborative, particularly as the external landscape evolves with the OfS and their consultation process,” said Walsh. “We are pleased to be launching this training to all staff at Manchester Met, and we hope the end product provides an informative and engaging eLearning module for colleagues working across the HE [higher education] sector.”

Making a difference across the HE sector

The contents of this collaborative eLearning module on ‘Disclosure by Students’ is relevant for all HE institutions looking to align themselves with the latest OfS guidance and expectations and looking to improve their campus-wide response to disclosures of student sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.

‘Disclosure by Students’ training covers:

  • The importance of university communities being supportive and inclusive
  • Defining harassment, hate crimes, hate incidents and sexual misconduct
  • What to do when someone discloses
  • What support is available

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