Partnerships: Successful Elearning Programmes

15th February 2016

In our latest video on e-learning, diversity and equality consultant David Marshall looks at why working with partners has helped Marshall E-Learning clients build successful e-learning programmes.


Many people ask us where the content for our e-learning courses come from and one of the areas we’re most proud of with our work at Marshall E-Learning, is how we’ve set up partnerships.

Unconscious Bias and Diversity in the Workplace, we collaborated with the Employers Network for Equality Inclusion (enei), who are one of the leading bodies on Diversity and Unconscious Bias in the UK.

The enei produced the content, we designed it into a course, and we’ve collaborated to roll that course out at Hitachi and Royal Mail.

A further recent partnership project was with Barnardo’s. A lot of colleges and schools rely on our Barnardo’s e-learning product for regular updates around legislation.?We’ve been working with Barnardo’s since 2006 and the course has been updated quarterly since then. We’ve gone on to work with Barnardo’s on a number of safeguarding projects.

We also collaborate with universities on a lot of new topics. For example, the University of Hull right now, we’re developing a whole suite of courses on Research Ethics and PhD supervisory skills – a whole new area of academic e-learning. Again, the content has come from the university itself.

Finally, where courses have a strong legal component, we commission law firms to review our scripts, to give clients that final piece of reassurance that they are legally compliant.

The most recent example of that is we’ve just commissioned Shakespeare Martineau to check our content around counter terrorism and the Prevent Duty, which has now been rolled out throughout the country.

It’??s these partnerships and more that have allowed Marshall E-Learning to build successful e-learning programmes for our clients.

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