Diversity for Managers

This short video is about a manager’s responsibility to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. It is featured in our Diversity in Higher Education e-learning course.

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Responding to Sexual Violence

This short video from Marshall E-learning’s Sexual Disclosure online training course looks at different definitions of sexual violence and how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence.

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Inclusive Recruitment and Selection Marshall Elearning

Inclusive Recruitment and Selection

Our Inclusive Recruitment and Selection course includes an ongoing, interactive video case study asking learners to make decisions about a simulated HE recruitment requirement illustrating the importance of equality and diversity.

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Video Elearning Marshall Elearning

A focus on video learning

This Age of Youtube has seen an increasing trend toward video learning for adults. This 90-second video tells you about the new short video learning courses that Marshall E-Learning has been developing

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Preventing Radicalism + Extremism Prevent

Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism in the Workplace and School

In this 90-second, video we look at guidance relating to Prevent Duty, introduced in March 2015 to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

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Prevention of Extremism Training Course

Why You Should Care About Prevention of Extremism At Work And School

In this 90-second video, we look at ways of tackling extremism n your organisation working within the parameters of the Prevent Duty but in the context of a safeguarding duty placing ‘Prevent’ in the context of a wider strategy to protect your people

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Diversity training in the workplace – Custom e-learning training programmes

In this 2-minute video, we look at our specialist topic area – diversity training – and how our diversity courses have trained hundreds of thousands of people and how versatile they can be – as inductions or as refreshers

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Measuring The Impact of Diversity Training

How we measure the impact of diversity training

This video, introduced by Vernal Scott, explores ways to measure diversity training, in particular, the equality impact assessment – a good practice management tool to help eradicate discrimination and promote equality.

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Workplace Benefits of Equality and Inclusion

Workplace Benefits of Equality and Inclusion around Race, Gender and Sexuality

This video is a short animation explaining the benefits of adopting equality and inclusion policies in the workplace and of building a diverse workforce.

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How Unconscious Bias affects decision making

In this video about Unconscious Bias we consider how it impacts on our daily working lives and how a better awareness of our instinctive feelings can help us make better decisions.

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How Unconscious Bias affects the recruitment process

This video is the 2nd in a series of 4 videos about Unconscious Bias and how it impacts on our daily working lives. In this video we look at how Unconscious Bias can affect the recruitment process.

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How we make decisions and how Unconscious Bias affects judgement

In this video we explore how we make decisions and how Unconscious Bias affects our judgement and how our unconscious biases unknowingly help us to form opinions about others.

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How Unconscious Bias affects who we choose as leaders

This is the first of a series of 4 videos about Unconscious Bias and how it impacts on our daily working lives. In this video we consider a scenario that allows us to explore the ways that Unconscious Bias can affect who we choose as leaders.

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An introduction to the Bribery Act 2010

In this less-than-80 seconds video we ask the question: ‘Do you understand your obligations under the Bribery Act 2010?’ The Bribery Act, which become law in 2011 is now one of the strictest laws internationally on bribery and in 2016 the first company was convicted and sentenced under Section 7 of the Act.

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How e-learning helps people at work

This video provides an overview of the elearning services provided by Marshall Elearning – that we are diversity and inclusion specialists but also cover a variety of topics such as induction, sustainability and health and safety, that help people do their jobs better.

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An introduction to unconscious bias training

Watch Dan Roberson, Diversity & Inclusion Director of ENEI discuss ways that unconscious bias (“unintentional people preferences”) can affect your business in this 6-minute video.

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An introduction to student mental health

This short animated video delivers an overview of student mental health, the impact it can have on the student population and the support available.

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An introduction to our unconscious bias training

Learn how we developed our suite of Unconscious Bias training courses working with ENEI (Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion) who wrote the content and Steps Drama whose roleplay dramas were incorporated into the course as video shorts.

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An introduction to our Prevent Duty training course

This 2-minute video will help you to understand how our Prevent duty course could benefit your organisation and support your diversity and safeguarding work.

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An introduction to our Diversity Training and E-learning Software

Our CEO David Marshall and our Instructional Designer and Marketing Lead Tamar Elderton-Welch discuss the different diversity training courses that we’ve created.

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Building-Successful-E-learning course-Marshall-Elearning-Video

How to build successful e-learning courses

In this video we discuss how we collaborated with the Employers Network for Equality Inclusion (enei), one of the leading bodies on Diversity and Unconscious Bias in the UK, to create our Unconscious Bias and Diversity e-learning courses.

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An introduction to our E-learning portal

Find out more about the range of learning content we’ve created over the years and our learning portal which includes our 10 most popular courses.

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An introduction to our online induction training course

Our online induction training courses are the perfect way to give your new staff a great start by avoiding information overload and easy access. They provide an accessible platform for compliance issues such as diversity, health and safety and policies.

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Unconscious bias in the workplace

Watch our Diversity Consultant Vernal Scott discuss the Unconscious Bias definition, how to take an Unconscious Bias test, where to get training on Unconscious Bias, and how to get information on implicit bias.

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