Engaged group work

Exercises to use in your unconscious bias training

When delivered alongside a strategy of on-going stakeholder engagement with inclusion goals, unconscious bias training such as our e-learning is beneficial to businesses of all sizes and sectors. We’ve recently explored whether unconscious bias training works and how to make sure it meets your goals and expectations. One of the best ways to engage your…

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GDPR Training

Get GDPR compliant Data has become increasingly valuable (and varied) to most organisations over the last 20 years, and the new EU-wide legislation known as General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR has risen to meet the new standards required for data protection in the 21st century.

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Diversity Training for Students

Diversity Training for Students – US Version

Diversity training, designed for US students This Diversity Training for Students course is one of 4 modules from our student-focused suite – the Student Welfare Suite – tailored to meet the mental, physical and emotional needs of today’s students and adapted for the US campus.

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Video e-learning: a diversity top-up

Need a Diversity training refresher? We’ve created a brand new take on Diversity training. Its 90% film-driven and contains a suite of engaging, amusing and thought-provoking video scenarios. This 20-minute course could act as a refresher in the subject or a catalyst for classroom discussion. And as it can be viewed on any device, its perfect for…

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Anti-Money Laundering

Comply with current financial reg training requirements Are you certain that your organisation is compliant with current financial regulations? Developed with Lloyds of London, this financial e-learning course is designed to improve learners’ understanding and awareness of money laundering, and the risks of committing an offence.

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Bribery Act 2010 – Updated

Do you understand your obligations under the Act? Our Bribery Act e-learning training course emerged from a close collaboration with international legal practice SNR Denton. SNR Denton Partner, Richard Nicole said: “We were delighted to develop this comprehensive Bribery Act e-learning course with Marshall Elearning…

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Diversity Training for Students

Developed with St Andrews University & Manchester University this Diversity Training for Students course is one of 4 modules from our student-focused suite – the Student Welfare Suite – tailored to meet the mental, physical and emotional needs of today’s students.

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Student Consumer Rights for Staff Members

Are your staff aware of student consumer rights? Since the introduction of new Consumer Right Act in 2015, students are now recognised in law as consumers, and get the same protection as any consumer entering into a contract to purchase goods or services.

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Tutor Led Supplement Diversity

A bonus to Diversity in the Workplace This tutor-led supplement to our Diversity in the Workplace course is an online or offline presentation

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Online Induction

A warm online welcome designed for your organisation We developed this new, highly innovative online induction course with The University of Hull to serve as a welcome and orientation tool for their new staff, and as a gateway for accessing further e-learning.

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Equality and diversity training for students

Equality and Diversity Training for Students

Raising awareness of diversity issues on campus Real progress has been made to ensure further and higher education staff understand equality and diversity rights, responsibilities and best practice… but what about students? Our course has been introduced to help redress the balance.

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