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Understanding the value of neurodiversity training: how to celebrate the strengths of neurodivergent employees

Article written by Meg Shona Halpin-Webster, Graduate eLearning Content Writer at Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a Ciphr company In September 2023, a petition to the UK Government to require universities to…

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Diversity Micro-Learning Courses - Marshall Elearning Courses

New Diversity Micro-Learning Courses

Marshalls are excited to announce the launch of their second diversity micro-learning suite of courses in July 2023. Our first suite of modules enhanced awareness of identities and specific topics…

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Neurodiversity Webinar - Marshall Elearning Courses

Marshalls Neurodiversity Webinar

This week Marshalls hosted a webinar on Neurodiversity, which was open to all staff at our client organisations, and across our wider networks. We were delighted to invite presenter, producer…

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Explores neurodiversity in the workplace, and steps organisations can take to ensure that all members of staff achieve their best…

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Neurodiversity at Work - Marshall Elearning Courses

Neurodiversity at Work

Explore the value of neurodiversity in the workplace and the benefits of hiring neurodiverse individuals.

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D&I Practitioners Universities - Marshall Elearning Courses

Bringing Together D&I Practitioners

University and corporate Diversity & Inclusion practitioners have come together for the first time in almost a year to discuss challenges and opportunities that they have faced over the course…

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