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first to use Marshall Elearning diversity & equality video training


With an industry-leading approach to teaching a diverse student body and working with employees from many different backgrounds, Southampton Solent University is breaking new ground both in its research and its academic approach.

Now, Southampton Solent University is the first to use new diversity video training from Marshall E-Learning, which takes into account millennials preferred learning style by being 90% video led.

The Challenge

Southampton Solent University has been using Marshall’s e-learning courses for several years, but the HR team wanted their employees and students to get a level of training that reflected modern best practice.

As Lisa Gridley, HR Development Manager at Southampton Solent University explains:

“We went out to market as we needed a supplier who had a product that could be used on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. We’ve got quite a diverse audience, so we needed to meet their needs as well.”

As part of its training programme, Southampton Solent University is looking at how it can better educate about working with different nationalities represented across students and staff. Lisa and HR colleagues chose the key topics of Unconscious Bias and Equality & Diversity training as the starting points for their new e-learning programme. The goal was to raise awareness and educate about these key issues to help students and staff empathise with students from different backgrounds at the university.

The Solution

Southampton Solent University engaged Marshall’s to upgrade their e-learning programme to fit with modern best practice. Marshall’s new suite of video e-learning addressed the needs perfectly.

As Lisa explains:

“David came down to meet us to discuss our needs and we found that Marshall’s could provide us with what we needed; we liked the courses and the way they flowed, in particular the videos that showed unconscious bias, and equality and diversity training.”

The videos bring the subject matter to life, especially where issues like unconscious bias and equality and diversity can be difficult to understand without real-life examples. Marshall’s video e-learning solution created an e-learning experience that did just that.

“The videos offered real-life examples,” Lisa said. “We worked with Marshall E-Learning on the scripts to make sure they were suitable for our needs.”

The course anticipates that people have been asked to do diversity training before and maybe complacent about the topic so looks at areas such as neuro-diversity or diversity of thought.

All of the courses in Marshall’s e-learning courses are built to be HTML5 compliant and mobile responsive. This means that the courses work across mobile and tablet devices, as well laptop and desktop devices.

The Results

The videos have successfully created debate around the issues of Unconscious Bias and Equality & Diversity for both students and staff. The HR team at Southampton Solent University are even looking at how to improve the performance of BME learners at their institution, with Marshall’s video e-learning being part of this effort.

As Lisa outlines:

“We have a diverse workforce and lots of nationalities at the university, and these were well-reflected in the video. We’re also looking at how to improve the performance of BME learners at our institution, including looking at the issues of diversity and unconscious bias training to see how we might be able to improve this.”

Marshall E-Learning worked closely with their range of Diversity & Equality experts to create video content that is lifelike, visually engaging and focuses on storytelling to bring the issues to life.

“People can relate to videos easier, as you can see people acting out situations. The scenarios reflect real-life situations and bring the subtleties to life of things like bullying. You can see the subtleties of body language or a misplaced word or nuances in language in tone; you don’t get that from reading something about equality and diversity.”

Start your project with Marshall E-Learning

With the increasing demand for student focused courses, Marshall E-Learning have designed a suite of courses in partnership with universities, tailored to meet the mental, physical and emotional needs of today’s students.

The “Student Welfare Suite” contains courses on:

  1. Alcohol and Drug Awareness (developed with Brunel University)
  2. Sexual Consent on Campus
  3. Diversity training for students (developed with St Andrew’s University and Manchester University)
  4. Social Media Savvy (developed with Canterbury Christchurch University)

For those interested in finding out more about the Higher Education suite of e-learning courses please contact David Marshall on 0845 123 3909 or