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Marshalls and Middlesex University
Marshalls and Middlesex University

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About Middlesex University

Middlesex University – a ‘University for Skills’ – has built a reputation for combining academic rigour with practice-based learning, and for embracing the value and power of diversity. It has 40,000 students across its four campuses in London, Dubai, Malta, and Mauritius. In 2018, Middlesex became the first UK university to be awarded a Corporate Gold/Embedded Charter Mark by UK Investor in Equality and Diversity (UKIED), and it was ranked 58th on the 2023 Stonewall UK Workplace Equality Index.

Key points

  1. Middlesex University has been working with Marshalls for more than five years
  2. Course subscription enables Middlesex to choose from Marshalls’ catalogue that are most relevant to employees’ training needs
  3. Course topics range from GDPR to diversity and inclusion

“Whatever we need, Marshalls usually has a course that’s ready to go”

Marshall E-Learning has been working closely with Middlesex University for several years, supplying high-quality, regularly updated off-the-shelf eLearning content that helps the London university meet its compliance obligations around information security and health and safety, as well as move the dial on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) priorities.

Before working with Marshalls, Middlesex’s compliance and health and safety training – sourced from another provider – was “a bit complex and old fashioned,” says Adam Tipple, IT officer in the university’s organisation and staff development team. “We also wanted a provider that had off-the-shelf eLearning content, that’s ready to go, on the topics we want to push out to staff. That’s one reason why our relationship with Marshalls has lasted; whenever there is a movement to provide training on a particular topic, they usually have a suitable and relevant course already.” Topics that Middlesex University has used Marshall’s content to train staff on include EDI, the GDPR, and display screen equipment (DSE), for example.

Middlesex now has an annual subscription to Marshalls’ content, enabling them to select a variety of courses for employees to access, tailored to the organisation’s priorities. “One of our community principles is ‘leading in equality, diversity, and inclusion’, so we make use of Marshalls’ EDI expertise, as well as their courses,” says EDI manager Jamal Uddin.

Uddin also worked closely with the Marshalls team to ensure the were up to date with the latest terminology and thinking, which had been flagged by Stonewall as an area for improvement. “When we relaunched the module, we received some positive feedback, especially around the course being quite holistic,” says Uddin. Middlesex’s efforts in the EDI arena have recently been recognised by a strong showing in Stonewall’s prestigious UK Workplace Equality Index.

For other higher education institutions who might be considering turning to an eLearning provider, such as Marshalls, for their content, Tipple advises to think carefully about the courses you’ll want to provide – now, and in the future. “You might be signing up to a three-year contract, so you need to future-proof that subscription to an extent,” he says. “Also, look for a provider, like Marshalls, that regularly updates its content free of charge, and offers you the flexibility to choose which courses you include in the subscription.”

Uddin adds: “Make sure your plans align with the organisation’s overall vision and mission. Speak to your stakeholders, and understand the behaviours you’re trying to change, and how eLearning content can make a difference.”

Tipple adds: “I like working with Marshalls, and would recommend them to other organisations who are looking for an eLearning content provider.”

Need off-the-shelf e-Learning content that makes an impact? We can help

Marshall E-Learning has more than 20 years’ experience in creating e-Learning content, and a library of more than 100 off-the-shelf e-Learning courses. Just pick and choose the courses that meet your needs – whether that’s diversity courses, health and safety courses, or management development courses – and your people can start learning and improving their knowledge and skills. Contact us now to share your challenges and we’ll put together a tailored package of e-Learning courses just for you.