NEW Unconscious Bias Videos

31st May 2017

Marshall E-Learning has launched a new series of short videos on Unconscious Bias which shine a light on how it deeply impacts our daily working lives and the decisions we make.

From a training perspective, managers and employees should be be aware that letting Unconscious Bias go unchecked could both lead to increasing covert or subliminal bullying in the workplace. It can also impact the allocation of work projects, the provision of developmental opportunities for certain people and the exclusion of promotions for suitable candidates.

Unconscious Bias-based decision making also undermines the business efforts of many organisations to reap the rewards of having a diverse workforce. Unconscious Bias is also an essential step in the journey towards a culture of Inclusive Leadership in any organisation.

Alongside the rise in awareness of Unconscious Bias, video has become the one of the most popular mediums of the internet. Video is fast becoming our preferred learning method, whether we’re finding out how to DIY something on Youtube or exploring a brand new subject on TED Talks. By 2019, video will be responsible for 80% of the internet traffic in the world.

Videos are also growing in popularity in corporate training, with bespoke video e-learning courses like our Diversity refresher using character-led video scenarios to engage learners and stimulate discussion. In fact, 98% of organisations said they would implement video as part of their digital learning strategy.

The short character-led videos on Unconscious Bias we feature below introduce a range of topics related to Unconscious Bias including recruitment, promotion, leadership and how we conduct our creative teamwork.

Read on for a description of all of our unconscious bias training videos, as well as how you can integrate these clips into a bespoke e-learning training program for your company. For example, Marshall E-Learning clients can select from these videos to add into our courses, customise them further and enrich the learning experience.

You can also browse our video section to discover the benefits and content of our e-learning offerings and our new video e-learning service, or get in touch to discuss your video e-learning needs.


Categorizing People: How Unconscious Bias Affects Daily Decision Making

In this Unconscious Bias Video we introduce the general concept of categorizing people unconsciously and consider how a better awareness of our instinctive feelings can help us make better decisions.

How Unconscious Bias Affects The Recruitment Process

This video introduces how Unconscious Bias affects our ability to make the best decisions when it comes to adding someone to your team or project.

How Unconscious Bias Can Jeopardize Teamwork and Creativity

This video further explains how Unconscious Bias is a blindspot in our rational decision-making and how preconceptions about people can hinder our working relationships.

How Unconscious Bias Affects Who We Choose As Leaders

In this unconscious bias training video we consider a scenario that allows us to explore the ways that Unconscious Bias can affect who we choose as leaders, and how someone’s personal views of her colleagues could have an effect on their long-term prospects.

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