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How diversity can impact whistleblowing

Article by Meg Shona Halpin-Webster, Graduate eLearning Content Writer at Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a Ciphr company Whistleblowing is currently at the forefront of conversations, following the latest news headlines such…

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What should a whistleblower policy contain?

What should your whistleblowing policy include? Broadly speaking, it should explain to colleagues how whistleblowers will be supported, what they can expect to happen following their disclosure, and where they…

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Whistleblowing Training

Disclosure Elearning Course. Since the financial crisis whistleblowing has become front-page news on topics such as data security.

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Ixion Holdings Commission Safeguarding Elearning

Ixion Holdings extended their elearning provision with Marshall ACM when they commissioned our safeguarding elearning course. Ixion Holdings are a not-for-profit organisation that are part of the Anglia Ruskin University.…

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