Inclusive Boards - Marshall Elearning Courses

Importance of Inclusive Boards

Marshalls have recently expanded our course library with a new advanced diversity skills range. Within this suite of courses, we explore the significance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across…

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Inclusive Line Management - Marshall Elearning Courses

Inclusive Line Management

In this course, learners will explore the significance of inclusive leadership, understand its benefits, and learn practical strategies for fostering…

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Responsible Leadership - Marshall Elearning Courses

Responsible Leadership

How do leaders respond responsibly whilst those around us may be doing otherwise? Last week in Davos, some of the world’s most powerful men and women from the fields of…

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Inclusive Leadership Whitepaper - Marshall Elearning Courses

New Inclusive Leadership Whitepaper

  Download the Inclusive Leadership whitepaper’?now. Inclusive Leadership is a key area for all modern businesses. But despite this, many of today’s business leaders continue to view leadership as simply…

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Diversity Inclusion Workshop - Marshall Elearning Courses

Marshall Elearning Host Diversity Inclusion Workshop

Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, the Equality and Diversity specialist e-learning consultancy, recently’ held a Diversity and Inclusion Workshop with 10 leading UK universities and other sectors, such as legal and construction,…

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