Gender Equality at Work - Marshall Elearning Courses

Gender Equality at Work

Provides an overview of gender equality and strategies for preventing sexism, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

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Gender Pay Gap and GDPR - Marshall Elearning Courses

Closing the Gender Pay Gap and GDPR

There’s lots going on in the Marshall E-Learning, with the Gender Pay Gap and GDPR at the forefront of our minds. Here’s our latest news, covering closing the Gender Pay…

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Gender Pay Bias - Marshall Elearning Courses

Gender Pay Reporting, Gender Bias

Gender pay gap reporting is a hot topic among UK businesses, but many organisations are still falling behind. This is especially important for larger companies, as the deadline recently passed…

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Gender Pay Gap Public Sector - Marshall Elearning Courses

PSED: Gender Pay Gap Public Sector

According to a report by the University and College Union, the average shortfall faced by female academics was 6,103 a year. According to the union’s data, just eight higher education…

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Unconscious Bias Women STEM - Marshall Elearning Courses

Unconscious Bias Affecting Women in STEM?

The contentious comments made by Tim Hunt about working with women in the lab has sparked fierce debate amongst journalists, academics and even Boris Johnson. In a speech delivered at…

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