Giving Good Feedback - Marshall Elearning Courses

Giving Good Feedback Training

Giving Good Feedback Elearning Course delves into what makes feedback effective and the unconscious biases that may occur when giving…

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Safeguarding in Further Education - Marshall Elearning Courses

Safeguarding in Further Education Training

Safeguarding Elearning Course is about protecting students in the broadest sense, it is not just about protecting and detecting abuse…

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Elearning Gateways - Marshall Elearning Courses

E-Learning Gateways Training

A blended Elearning Course approach brings learners together to discuss a topic before or after completing their training. Adds a…

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Safeguarding - Marshall Elearning Courses

Safeguarding Training

Our Safeguarding Elearning Course in collaboration with Barnardo’s. We have an extensive suite of Safeguarding Elearning Courses.

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Health and Safety for Students - Marshall Elearning Courses

Health and Safety for Students Training

This Health and Safety Elearning Course for Students tutorial covers core health and safety issues, carefully written with a student…

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Students Consumer Rights - Marshall Elearning Courses

Student Consumer Rights for Staff Members

Consumer Rights Elearning Course. Students are now recognised in law as consumers, and get the same protection as any consumer.

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