Freedom of Speech Training

Our Freedom of Speech eLearning course is engaging and informative about key UK legislation.

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Allyship: a new course with the University of Surrey

From being existing clients to now collaborating with them on our latest module, Marshalls are so excited to be releasing our Allyship Module in partnership with the University of Surrey…

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The new world of hybrid working – what it means for employers and managers

Traditionally, workplace teams have been based together at a specific location, with colleagues collaborating in-person and around the same schedules. But, times have changed and new ways of working provide…

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Unconscious Bias for Students - Marshall Elearning Courses

A response to recent articles

Recent articles from various news outlets have strongly criticised a university‚Äôs decision to make one of its Diversity and Inclusion courses compulsory for its students to take. As creators of…

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Academic Range - Marshall Elearning Courses

Academic Training Range: Cheating, Collusion and Penalties

Our Academic elearning course was commissioned by Liverpool University to ensure students are aware of cheating, plagiarism, collusion and the penalties.

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