Customised Unconscious Bias Training

Customised Unconscious Bias Training
Customised Unconscious Bias Training

Supports Unified Culture in Growing Global Technology Firm


LearnUpon is a global technology company employing a diverse team, with staff in Ireland, the USA, Australia, and Serbia as well as other remote locations. As a long-time client of Marshalls E-learning, LearnUpon approached us looking for unconscious bias training to roll out to all their employees. Due to the broad spread of the company, it was important to find the right training to address the important issue of unconscious bias and to educate their team to understand different behaviours and be equipped to improve on them.

Key challenges faced by LearnUpon

As a fast-growing technology company, LearnUpon has seen its global team grow significantly in the last year. Their priority throughout this rapid expansion has been to diversify teams and create a sense of belonging for all employees. To achieve this, the company actively sought to establish a culture of awareness on the key issue of how unconscious bias can influence decisions in the workplace that could lead to a lack of diversity or inequalities.

The Marshall E-Learning solution

LearnUpon engaged Marshall E-Learning to work with them to create a bespoke unconscious bias training course to be rolled out to the global team. The course content that Marshalls provided covered key areas such as the different types of unconscious bias along with examples of how this can influence the employment life-cycle, from recruitment to performance conversations, through to customer relationships. The course was constructed with a mix of interactive and video content to keep LearnUpon employees engaged while challenging them to consider their own unconscious bias behaviours.

Marshall E-Learning also worked with LearnUpon to brand the course, giving it the LearnUpon look and feel, so that it would sit seamlessly alongside other training programmes.

LearnUpon sees unified awareness across the business

Since rolling out the course to all employees, LearnUpon has made it part of their Onboarding programme for all new ‘Luppers’. By ensuring all staff complete the course, the company can be confident it has successfully created an awareness of unconscious bias across teams. It has also facilitated a more open discussion platform about actions relating to this topic to ensure bias is considered in all aspects of the company.

What our client says

Susan Nolan, COO – LearnUpon said: ‘We have worked with Marshall ACM for a number of years now, so reached out to David as a first step to see if he could help us create content that would suit our company, our global team, and the culture we have in LearnUpon. David and his team were really responsive, very quick to identify training content that might suit our team and to customise the look and feel for us, which enabled us to successfully rollout training within a week. Initial feedback from the team was great, with employees reaching out not only to compliment the content, as they felt it was very important to them, but also to offer other suggestions of how LearnUpon can keep focus on this area and achieve our goal of building diverse teams. As a leadership team, this topic has become more much prevalent where we actively bring it into key discussions about Recruitment, Performance, and Culture.’

Here to help

Marshall E-Learning are experts in creating diversity training and e-learning solutions for companies around the world. For more information about our unconscious bias training or to get a free trial, contact us today.