Combating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

11th August 2015

Marshall Elearning, the Equality & Diversity specialist consultancy, have launched a free tool to help businesses and their employees to better understand Unconscious Bias in the workplace.

Developed in partnership with the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei), the free tool enables managers to ask staff to reflect on their own biases and help businesses achieve a clear understanding of how best to manage their employee’??s personal biases professionally, which is imperative for creating discrimination-free, fair, inclusive and commercially competitive organisations.

A trial of the tool is available, giving businesses a taster of the training with up to 10 of their own team. The taster helps employers to assess the business case for investing in Unconscious Bias Training for their whole organisation, from the boardroom to front line staff.

David Marshall, founder and director of Marshall E-Learning, explained why they developed the tool:

‘Organisations such as Google, the NHS and the Post Office have put the diversity agenda at the forefront of their business model and recognise that tackling unconscious bias in the workplace can have a critical impact on business performance. This tool will help businesses across the UK and beyond to test their own understanding of Unconscious Bias and begin to discover how they can train the rest of their organisation in recognising their own biases.’

Dan Robertson, Diversity and Inclusion Director at enei, added:

‘??We know from the research that all individuals and therefore businesses are prone to bias decision-making. Within a world that is increasing being defined by its diversity and difference our tendency to hire and want to work with people like us will seriously impact an organisation’s ability to both attract and retain the best talent as well as to connect with its diverse customer base. The tool that enei has developed in partnership with Marshall E-Learning is designed to help employees to reflect on their own unconscious biases and by doing so learn to mitigate its impact and make smarter business orientated decisions”.

The Unconscious Bias tool is a taster of the whole Unconscious Bias e-learning course from Marshall E-Learning and enei.

The course is delivered as an online e-learning module. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and it includes an introduction to Unconscious Bias, practical ways of recognising different types of Unconscious Bias and exploring different strategies for tackling Unconscious Bias in the modern workplace.

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