Talking Unconscious Bias

11th March 2014

At Marshall ACM we wanted to make the topic of Unconscious Bias more accessible so we got our Principal Consultant Vernal Scott, based in our Fleet Street office in London, UK and our Client Relationship Manager (Australia) Jude-Martin Etuka based in Sydney, Australia together to discuss the subject in depth.

And now we’re proud to present our first “Talking Unconscious Bias” podcast.

It’s a lively and informative 30-minute conversation taking in practical real-life examples, examining where the concept sits in relation to Diversity and Equality and how developing a better understanding of Unconscious Bias can help to create a better and more productive workplace.

Continue the “Talking Unconscious Bias” conversation

As the title of the podcast implies, we want to continue the conversation about Unconscious Bias beyond the podcast. So if, after listening to Vernal and Jude’s discussion you have a question or comment, or even an idea we could explore in future podcasts you can:

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Thanks for listening!

And look out for our next “Talking Unconscious Bias” podcast.

To read the transcript of Talking Unconscious Bias Podcast No 1 please click here.

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