Cricket Racism Crisis - Marshall Elearning Courses

Cricket Racism Crisis

First it was English cricket, then it was Scottish cricket. The issue of racism has been dominating the front pages once again, with accusations of ‘deep-seated’ racism in English cricket,…

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Bilingual Anti-racism Course - Marshall Elearning Courses

Bilingual Anti-racism Course

University of Swansea has become the first Welsh university to create a bi-lingual anti racism e-learning course for staff. In collaboration with Marshall E-Learning, University of Swansea have developed a…

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Commitment to Elearning Courses Increases

As the world starts to return to some sense of normal and offices slowly start to fill up as Covid restrictions are lifted, local councils have been taking a closer…

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Diversity and Inclusion User Group - Marshall Elearning Courses

Diversity and Inclusion User Group

As specialists in Diversity, Inclusion, and Unconscious Bias, Marshalls was delighted last week to hold a Marshall Diversity and Inclusion User Group meeting with nine universities to discuss diversity in…

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What’s on your mind? Webinar

Marshall E-learning are delighted to sponsor a free webinar ‘What’s on your mind’ on Wednesday 18th November. The London HR Connection will examine what’s on the minds of HR professionals…

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Let’s Talk about Race in the Workplace

Creating business e-learning courses on the topic of diversity has been our speciality for 18 years. This year, many of our clients asked us for a module which specifically helps…

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Maggie Semple Talks Race in Workplace

With the launch of our new e-learning course ‘Let’s Talk About Race In The Workplace’ which focuses on opening up discussions about race in the workplace, we grabbed ten minutes…

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