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Trending Diversity Inclusion Themes

In 2023 it seems that topics in the diversity and inclusion space are rarely out of the news, and more commonly come up in conversations with colleagues, family and friends.…

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Commitment to Elearning Courses Increases

As the world starts to return to some sense of normal and offices slowly start to fill up as Covid restrictions are lifted, local councils have been taking a closer…

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Diversity, Inclusion, Creative Writing - Marshall Elearning Courses

Art in Diversity and Inclusion

By Teresa Norman of TogetherintheUK The power of the greatest art is the power to shake us into revelation and rip us from our default mode of seeing.  Simon Shama…

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Maggie Semple Talks Race in Workplace

With the launch of our new e-learning course ‘Let’s Talk About Race In The Workplace’ which focuses on opening up discussions about race in the workplace, we grabbed ten minutes…

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Words Matter Animation - Marshall Elearning Courses

Words Matter Animation

“Black Lives Matter.” “Actually, all lives matter. Anyway, I don’t see colour…” Would you respond that way? Do you know someone who would? If so, it might be worth watching…

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