Diversity Consultancy Services

Embedding the Impact of our Equality, Diversity
& Inclusion E-Learning

At Marshalls we create innovative, inspirational and impactful e-learning.

But we also know that an effective and holistic approach to equality, diversity and inclusion doesn’t always start with our online modules, and that it never stops with them.

That’s why we are now offering our clients an integrated wrap-round service through a suite of products which will maximise and embed the benefits delivered through our online courses.

All Marshall e-learning clients can benefit from:

  • 1. Suggested post e-learning activities for learners to use individually, or for managers to use to further engage their teams.
  • 2. A short Q&A drop-in session facilitated by a Marshall EDI expert after e-learning roll-out, for learners to ask questions about online module content.
  • 3. A monthly diversity article, resource or ‘nudge’ which can be shared with employees to sustain interest and deepen learning. Past resources are available in a virtual library.
  • 4. Regular EDI client community meetings with enlightening speakers, to support and motivate our client key contacts.

Opt-in products or services can be added as extras:

  • 1. A package of virtual workshops on selected EDI-related topics to enable learners to delve deeper into e-learning content.
  • 2. A Train the Trainer programme to increase the capacity and reach of internally-delivered workshops.
  • 3. A light-touch temperature check to identify strengths, gaps and priorities, which will support a strategic organisational approach to EDI.
  • 4. An e-learning outcomes evaluation to assess how your online module has landed and to recommend next steps for EDI learning.

Get in Touch

We want to hear from you how our Consultancy services can best serve your organisation. This truly is a bespoke service and the products listed above are just a sample of what we can offer.

Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation with your account manager at Marshalls, or with our Head of Diversity Ann Allcock at aallcock@marshallacm.co.uk or +44(0)7479 460782

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