Updates to our safeguarding courses

20th August 2021

We have now updated all our safeguarding courses with important new legislative and best practice updates. The updated course will go to over 50 organisations that currently use Marshall’s  safeguarding e-learning.

Updates include:

  • Safeguarding policy should include procedures for dealing with peer-on-peer abuse and sexual violence and harassment
  • Additional information on child criminal exploitation and child sexual exploitation
  • Mental health resources must be available
  • Importance of online safety for staff and pupils
  • Teaching students about safeguarding
  • Role of DSL
  • Staff responsibility – ie not passing anything off as banter
  • Ensuring pupils understand about consent – ie just because they haven’t said no it doesn’t mean that they have consented.

If you would like to find out more about our updated Safeguarding courses please get in touch.


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