Unconscious Bias Course Oxford Uni

10th June 2013

We’re very pleased to have agreed a partnership with the University of Oxford to develop a higher education version of our Unconscious Bias Elearning course.

Until recently “Unconscious Bias” was a single chapter within our overall equality and diversity training. However, due to client demand, perhaps as a reaction to jaded staff resenting compliance training, we were asked to create the course as a separate training course.

A provocative course, our Unconscious Bias training course encompasses:

  • Are you biased?
  • What is bias?
  • And gives a thorough overview of the ramifications of basis in the workplace.

David Marshall, CEO of Marshall ACM said: “This partnership with Oxford University will see the equality team at Oxford to look at specific themes and content relevant to higher education. The project will benefit the sector as a whole and will be available to commission by any institution.

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