Talking Unconscious Bias Podcast

13th June 2014

Do you know what Unconscious Bias is?

How does it impact on the things we do every day like walking down the street, going shopping or watching the World Cup?

We got Unconscious Bias and Diversity Consultant Sneha Khilay, based in our Fleet Street offices in London, UK and our Client Relationship Manager (Australia) Jude-Martin Etuka based in Sydney, Australia together recently to shed some light on this fascinating subject.

In this engaging and informative 20-minute discussion you’ll hear Jude and Sneha ask “What is Unconscious Bias?”, how it subtly affects our behaviour when we’re going about our daily lives and how developing a better understanding of Unconscious Bias can help to create a better and more productive workplace.

Click here to listen to our first ‘Talking Unconscious Bias’ podcast.

Continue the Unconscious Bias conversation

As the title implies, we’re keen to continue a conversation on Unconscious Bias outside the podcast. If, after listening to Sneha and Jude’s discussion you have a question or comment, or even an idea we could explore in future podcasts there’s plenty of ways to get in touch.

Contact us online, email, tweet us @MarshallACM, or post a comment on our Facebook Page or our LinkedIn Company Page

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The images in the slideshow above are from a new Unconscious Bias elearning course we’re developing with ENEI (Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion). If you’d like to find out more about our Unconscious Bias courses just contact us

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