Students at Risk Staff Elearning

22nd July 2014

Providing staff with the tools to support students at risk

This elearning course has been designed for members of staff, particularly lecturers, to help them identify and provide support to at risk students displaying early warning signs of mental health issues and substance misuse.

It will be particularly useful for lecturers or academics who are personal tutors for students. It can be a challenging, albeit rewarding, role to take on the duty of care for an individual student.

The course has been written and developed by Kognito, subject matter experts in this field.

Who will benefit from the course?

Although the course has been designed for educational staff to raise awareness of at risk students they teach, it will also be useful for other professionals whose work means they regularly come into contact with young people ‘at risk’.

Your learning outcomes

  • The key issues relating to at risk students
  • The most appropriate ways to convince at risk students to seek help from counselling or mental health services.
  • How university counselling centres usually operate, dispelling many myths surrounding counselling services.
  • How to remain non-challenging and non-judgemental when discussing potentially sensitive issues with an at risk friend.
  • How at risk students can be encouraged to engage with counselling centres, mental health units, or seek help from family or others offering support

Learners are supported throughout the course in a unique environment enabling role-playing conversations with virtual students.

Course duration: 30 minutes – learners can stop or start the course when they wish all information and progress is saved, and completed later on. A certificate of completion can also be provided.

Stay up-to-date

If you buy this course or our other Kognito at risk elearning courses you’ll get all the updates we make, so you’??ll always be up-to-date with the latest legislation.

Learning by design

The course uses interactive storytelling to explain these complex issues in a concise and informative manner. Colourful images, animation and voice acting combine to draw the learner into the course content, encouraging active participation and increasing the potential for knowledge retention.

The course is also designed to be thought provoking, requiring active participation and judgement decisions from the learner.

Easy to implement

All our e-learning courses come with Marshall ACM’s Learning Management System so that you can manage all your elearning and track completed training.

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