Recognising Your Unconscious Bias

25th October 2013

An article by Marshall ACM CEO, David Marshall, “Recognising your unconscious bias” was published in Business Matters magazine earlier this week.

Business Matters is available in print and online, and is read by about 150,000 owners and manager of small and medium-sized businesses across the UK.

David looks at unconscious bias from the perspective of entrepeneurs and owners of SMEs; what unconscious bias is, its impact on the workplace and what you can start to do in your own business to break the habit.

In the article he suggests: “You can better understand your own unconscious bias by keeping good records of decisions and justifications and monitor these for patterns that might suggest unintentional bias.”

There are other practical steps you can take to get a deeper understanding of your unconscious bias. Marshall ACM has produced an Unconscious Bias E-learning Course and an Unconscious Bias (US) E-learning for organisations in the United States.

Watch a 2-minute video on our Unconscious Bias course:

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