Preventing the Great Resignation

2nd December 2021

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about how we are in the midst of a ‘great resignation’ – with almost a quarter of workers actively planning to change their place of work in the upcoming months, caused by a high number of vacancies and burnout caused by the pandemic. These resignations will come at a considerable cost to the private sector.

So, what can managers do to help prevent losing their staff? Communication is key, and understanding the needs of your employees – but in order to do this, sometimes you will need to have a difficult conversation or rather, a ‘courageous conversation’. At Marshalls, we want to shift the narrative from conversations being ‘difficult’ and instead create a framework for open, and honest, communication.

One thing that can prevent us from having these important conversations is the emotions that may arise during these conversations – especially, as the pandemic has people feeling burnout and less willing to engage. It’s important to think of emotions as part of the conversation, not just a by-product of the conversation. We shouldn’t ignore them, but rather, embrace them and be respectful that people will react to things in different ways.

We developed this course to protect employees and protect organisations. Individuals may have different needs as they look at returning to work – these could be practical logistical issues or they could be issues around anxiety. Organisations need individuals to perform and need their teams to collaborate face to face. There is no doubt that working from home can cause a rather reactive approach to work and a reduction of new ideas. A compromise has to be reached.

At Marshalls we have brought in organisational development expert Mark Crabtree to help us address these issues. If you want to check out a demo of this course, please drop us an email at


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