Prevent Duty Training for Students

22nd December 2015

We’re currently developing a Prevent Duty training course for students after several conversations with people working in the education sector and interviewed Michael Howard, Equality & Diversity Consultant, about the genesis of the training module.

Some of the institutions we spoke to about the course wanted a resource to help develop work they’re already doing on the Prevent agenda, while others thought it would be a useful catalyst for starting those difficult classroom conversations.

We noticed that of all the Prevent Duty training around very little to date has been done for students – nearly all of it is aimed at teachers.

Continuing the conversation

We’re aware of activities such as an Islamic comedian who visits schools and colleges to discuss radicalisation and extremism, which is a great initiative, but how do teachers and lecturers continue the conversation?

Ironically we didn’t want to make the Prevent Duty Training course about students. We wanted it to be non-threatening, and personal without being de-humanising. The graphic novel approach means the course isn’t preachy whilst occupying an objective space to support open discussion.

One lifelong learning adult education authority was involved in the development of the course. We’ re currently awaiting feedback from the prototype to ensure it fulfils their needs and requirements.

Once the course is live it can be linked to classroom discussion, but how it’s used is entirely up to the learning organisation.

In fact, we developed Prevent Duty Training for Students as a standalone course. It doesn’t have to be integrated into a school or college’s Learning Management System (LMS). Once you get the licence you’re free to do what you like with it.

The full product should be available early 2016 and we hope to have an app version of the course available later in the year.

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