Prevent Duty: FE Colleges and Training Providers

15th July 2016

Prevent Duty is back in the news.

Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, have issued a report on a survey they undertook titled How well are further education and skills providers implementing the Prevent duty

Whilst the report recognised the steps undertaken by mainstream FE and sixth form colleges, the report did however say:

‘Staff training was ineffective in a third of the providers visited. In these providers, while senior managers were trained, staff with direct day-to-day contact with learners had not received enough training to identify and mitigate risks or to identify learners potentially at risk of radicalisation or extremism.’

Ofsted warns that many further education colleges and private training providers are failing to comply with the UK government’s anti-radicalisation programme, leaving students vulnerable to exposure to extremism.

In nearly half the institutions surveyed, Ofsted found colleges lacked the policies to deal with student access to extremist websites through their computing networks, while others failed to check or monitor external speakers as required by Prevent.

Prevent is a live topic that is rapidly evolving, so it is important to recognise that to effectively implement Prevent all staff should be trained in this area. Adopting this approach will support early intervention and a better understanding of implementing the appropriate responses to issues that may arise.

In providing e-learning, Marshall’s recognises the need to use its Inclusive, Safe and Cohesive FE Colleges course as a platform for all staff to be aware and understand the responsibilities of implementing the Prevent Duty.

More importantly, the aim for us and our clients is to provide a foundation for building Prevent into inclusive, safeguarding and diversity policies and programmes.

We will continue to work closely with our clients on complying with Prevent Duty and give regular advisory updates when legislation changes or research is published, such as this most recent Ofsted report.

If you want to discuss how Marshall E-Learning can help your organisations comply with Prevent Duty, please contact David Marshall at or on 0845 123 3909.

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