Performance Management Enters Spotlight

1st December 2015

Promoting staff and organisational growth and development remain key to the success of businesses and organisations worldwide. Now a new course from Marshall E-Learning Consultancy is aiming to unlock gains in employee productivity and enhanced performance that modern, forward-thinking employers are looking for.

Originally developed with La Trobe University in Melbourne, the Performance Management course explores ways to optimise your employees abilities, and encourage them to develop new skills, and how this can impact on your organisation’s success.

Since launching, the course has been taken up by organisations across the UK, including Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Amanda Giles, Head of CSED at University of East Anglia, explained why they procured the Performance Management course:

“At UEA, we believe that performance management and staff development – personal and professional – are inextricably linked. When defining individual or team goals, a manager must also consider if the individuals have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve the objectives she has set them. Our staff appraisal system acknowledges the interdependence of these two areas and we aim to train our managers to consider, and balance, both the development needs of their team members as well as the required operational output. In doing so, we promote a coaching mindset in UEA managers where managing performance through developing people is key.”

David Marshall, Founder and Managing Director of Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, explaining the importance of Performance Management to the modern organisation:

“Performance Management is widely accepted as a very efficient way to support staff and organisations, to grow and succeed in challenging economic conditions Our new course brings the best and most up-to-date Performance Management thinking and makes it available to organisations everywhere, giving the opportunity for everyone to improve their work and increase the satisfaction of their employees.”

On completion of this course, learners will be able understand the following:

  1. What Performance Management means
  2. A model of Performance Management
  3. Structure of the annual Performance Management cycle
  4. Key steps employees are required to take
  5. How Performance Management aligns with your organisation’??s future plans
  6. How this work can contribute to your organisation’??s future goals.


Full details of the Performance Management course can be found here.



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