North American Clients

21st February 2022

In 2014 we moved from testing people on compliance and the law, to moving towards nuanced concepts such as unconscious bias. This was when we first started using dramatic scenarios and it was these video based, non-compliance modules that opened up international markets for our small business.

The only bit of feedback we got was, to quote one client “all your actors are a bit cockney”, and maybe we had been guilty of hiring an excellent, diverse cast from actors all working in London like us.

So, we have been investing in a more diverse cast range, and for instance, one of the highlights of my work with Marshalls has been seeing our work being taken up in Canada and the USA.

Last year we developed ‘Hidden Scripts’ an unconscious bias e-learning course with Southern Methodist University. Since implementing that project for SMU they have commissioned us to design 4 more courses for them and have been really happy with our partnership.

Then in Canada, we developed an unconscious bias course for MacEwan University and a suite of follow up animations to support their bystander training initiatives. Head of Diversity at MacEwan University, Irfan Chaudhry said “The team at Marshall are great to work with. They were able to bring our ideas and content to life with their animations and design. This has made for more engaging training sessions”.

Now we have gathered up a body of work suitable for institutions to be taken off the shelf or tailored. This includes one investment we have made in an identifying mental health issue with students’ courses with a whole new set of films being commissioned with North American actors.

Its important to us that we can provide materials that reflect different contexts of different regions. There are many linguistics differences between the English spoken in North America and the English spoken in the UK, so we think it is essential that there is content appropriate for the specific region. Region specific content allows for a better understanding, and makes the content feel more relatable to the learner.

If you would like a preview of any of these courses, or to see how we met their requirements – please get in touch

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