New Guide to Elearning in 2016

11th January 2016

Following the success of our Unconscious Bias whitepaper, Marshall E-Learning are proud to present our follow up resource – a guide to e-learning in 2016.


In this e-learning guide, you’??ll find everything you need to understand current best practice, how e-learning can be used to improve the performance of staff with your organisation, and strategies for planning your own training and development programmes.


The range of expertise and disciplines that e-learning companies have in their toolkit (including designers, developers, industry knowledge, translation facilities, instructional designers and project managers), means that in terms of scales of economy, a dedicated e-learning supplier is a valuable and cost effective proposition.


If you’??re creating your own e-learning courses but not seeing the results you were hoping for, then it would be well worth downloading this free e-learning guide.


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