New Bribery Act Elearning Course

30th January 2013

Last week we launched the refreshed version of our Bribery Act Elearning Course.

We’ve improved on our previous Bribery Act course in several, significant ways. As well as a new, refreshed look our 2013 version also has:

  • A higher level of user engagement through interactive content
  • Up-to-date information on anti-bribery issues
  • Comprehensive content that’s light on statutory duty, so the course is suitable for a wide range of users
  • Real-life scenarios show users how the law applies in different situations and for different users
  • Interactive exercises throughout the course to enhance the learning process
  • An end-of-module test to allow users to check they’ve understood the content and concepts.

This latest version of our Bribery Act e-learning arrives only a few weeks after new research by Ernst & Young revealed that only 56% of all British firms had heard of the legislation.

Awareness amongst larger organisations (turnover of 50m and over) of the Act was much higher at 76%, whilst mid-market firms with a turnover between 5m and 50m) awareness levels were a low 36%.

The study asked 50 procurement managers and directors from UK firms 25 with a turnover of 5 million – 50 million and 25 from companies a 50 million plus turnover.

Ernst & Young were particularly concerned about Bribery Act awareness amongst ‘midmarket firms’. As the Act was only introduced in July 2011, they are less likely to have robust processes and systems in place to deal with the risk of bribery.

David Marshall, Marshall ACM CEO said: “This new research demonstrates that there is still a lot of work to be done for all UK companies to be Bribery Act compliant. Any firms taking on our new Bribery Act e-learning course will have all the tools they need to significantly reduce risk of bribery in the workplace.”

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