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8th December 2015

At Marshall E-Learning, we’re always looking for ways to strengthen the knowledge and relevance of the content in our training courses so that it meets the ever evolving needs of our clients.

This is particularly important for training courses where the content is in flux, either due to new legislation or a rapidly changing environment that our clients operate in.

One clear example is around the Prevent Duty, the UK Government’s anti-terrorism initiative that puts the responsibility on further education organisations to take steps to help monitor and combat extremism from spreading among their students.

In June, we launched the UK’s first anti-radicalisation course for Colleges and Universities. The new ‘Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe Campuses and Colleges’ course fulfils the legal requirements of the Terrorism and Security Act 2015, while not compromising the values of equality and diversity.

But we knew we could do more.

Speaking to our clients, they’ve been concerned about how they should respond to the Prevent Duty and how our training courses can help them get up to speed on what is needed to make sure they are legally compliant in the eyes of these new laws.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that Marshall E-Learning Consultancy has partnered with leading law firm Shakespeare Martineau to ensure that our Prevent Duty training course is compliant with UK Government legislation.

Geraldine Swanton, Legal Director at Shakespeare Martineau, explains the importance of the course:

“Every member of staff has a role to play in discharging the duty to prevent students from being drawn into terrorism by educating against and challenging extremism. This training is imperative so that the staff can identify when students are vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism and can respond appropriately by means of challenge and education or when necessary by seeking advice and support.”

David Marshall, Founder and Managing Director of Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, describes the approach taken to putting together the course:

“This training adopts an approach to the Prevent Duty that is at the heart of every educator’s role. It promotes open dialogue with students so that extreme views can be challenged in a patient way that encourages students to revise those views by exposure to different perspectives. Discharging the Prevent duty is the responsibility of all staff. This training helps staff to do so in a way that promotes the college community as a safe and diverse place in which to learn.”

Created by Michael Howard and Daniel Whiston, both specialists at Marshall’s, this unique course looks to recast and broaden Universities and Colleges’ views and understanding about what makes an inclusive, cohesive and safe campus.

If you’d like a free demonstration of this course or would like to find out more about our other e-learning courses around Prevent Duty training and more, please get in touch or read on for a summary of the course itself.


Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe Campuses and Colleges

Helping to create an organisation that is inclusive whilst free from extremism and radicalisation

Our Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe Campuses and Colleges courses provide an excellent introduction or refresher in understanding the context, range and constituents in dealing with extremism and radicalisation in education. The importance of these areas in education cannot be underestimated for organisations, students and employees.

Changes in the law now place a statutory requirement on educational organisations to demonstrate what they are doing to prevent extremism and radicalisation escalating into potential or real terrorism.

Our course will enable your organisation to more effectively recognise, manage and implement practical responses to support your safeguarding work in relation to extremism and radicalisation. It will also provide evidence of having due regard to the prevention of extremism and radicalisation successes, and highlight areas for improvement.

After completing this course learners will be able to:

  1. Explain and understand why it is important to embed concerns about radicalisation into safeguarding policies
  2. Explain and understand why it is necessary to support good campus/college relations between diverse communities with potentially conflicting worldviews
  3. Have an overview of challenges from extremism in UK HE/FE sector
  4. Explain how radicalisation and potential conflicts between different groups on campus or in colleges can be seen from a safeguarding perspective
  5. Understand the PREVENT agenda in the context of; its definition and focus, legal responsibilities (both institutional and individual), practical implications and requirements for sensitivity and cultural empathy
  6. Engage with the PREVENT agenda in a wider safeguarding context. In addition to this the course could help your organisation to introduce new perspectives within your existing and new work in areas connected with safeguarding, extremism and radicalisation

If you’d like a free demonstration of this course or would like to find out more about our other e-learning courses about Prevent Duty and more, please get in touch.

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