Kognito Student Risk Elearning

14th July 2014

Marshall E-learning Consultancy works with many clients in the higher education and further education sectors, and they’ve been asking us for several years if we could produce some resources dealing with the serious ‘student at risk’ issues.

These resources are particularly useful for lecturers or academics who become personal tutors for students. In addition to all their other responsibilities on campus, it can be a challenging, albeit rewarding, role to take on the duty of care for an individual student.

David Marshall, Marshall CEO said: We held back on producing in-house ‘student at risk’ resources, but as soon as we saw the thoroughly-researched courses produced by Kognito and their outstanding production values, we realised that this was the type of product our clients had been seeking.

We are lucky enough to work with most universities in the UK, and have every confidence that when we demonstrate Kognito’s products to our clients we’re offering them access to pioneering learning materials that will have a genuine impact on campus life.

Our two Kognito ‘student at risk’ offerings

At Risk Faculty and Staff

Designed for members of staff, particularly lecturers, to help them identify and provide support to students displaying early warning signs of mental health issues and substance misuse. Learn more

At Risk Students

Designed for students and their peers to identify and understand the risk of self harm, addictions, stress-related illness, obsessive behaviour, anxiety and eating disorders. The course includes a checklist that will enable the friends of people with one of these conditions to identity early warning symptoms. Learn more

Both courses use interactive storytelling to explain these complex issues in a concise and informative manner. Colourful images, animation and voice acting help to draw the learner into the course content, encouraging active participation and increasing the potential for knowledge retention.

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