Health and Safety Elearning

2nd June 2011

Keep your workplace safe and healthy

We all have an important role to play to keep our workplaces safe and healthy. This e-learning course will give your organisation the practical guidance you need.

You’ll get three core units in our health and safety e-learning course: an Introduction to Health & Safety, Risk Management, and Fire Safety with the option to add other units, depending on your requirements – these could include additional areas such as Manual Handling and Workstations.

Your learning outcomes

Our e-learning course will ensure staff in your organisation can:

  • Describe key aspects of organisational safety policies.
  • Identify the roles that everyone has to play in securing health and safety.
  • Explain the basics of risk management and risk assessment, focussing on hazards, risks and the risk-assessment process.
  • Spot common fire hazards.
  • Explain key fire safety features and safe evacuation procedures.
  • Describe fire safety roles and responsibilities.

Course duration: 45 minutes – users have the option to bookmark progress and complete the course in chunks.

Stay up-to-date

If you purchase this e-learning course you’??ll get all new updates, so you’??ll always be up-to-date with current health and safety legislation.

Learning by design

It’??s a highly interactive course with rich graphics and audio-visual content blending a variety of question-types that will encourage users to apply concepts to their daily work routine.

An optional end-of-course test assesses users on the level of knowledge they’??ve retained. Pass rates can be set as required.

Easy to implement & customise

This e-learning course comes complete with Marshall ACM’s LMS (Learning Management System) which allows you to manage all e-learning and track completed training across your organisation.

Our in-house developers can quickly & effectively adapt this course to your sector and organisation. You could also add your own graphics, photos & video and amend content to include your policies, procedures and key areas.

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