Explaining Prevent Duty Training

3rd February 2016

In this new video from Marshall E-Learning, diversity and equality consultant Michael Howard explains more about the Prevent Duty and why it is important for your organisation to undertake training in the area to help prevent extremism.



Prevent Duty training is about all forms of extremism that could lead to terrorist actions. It’s not just about Islam. It’s not just about religions. It’s about any form of extremism that could become present in your organisation through either people in or people that are involved with your organisation.

You have to deal with extremism as part of compliance with the Prevent Duty.

Marshall E-Learning Consultancy’s approach to this issue is promotion of being an inclusive organisation and dealing with it from a safeguarding perspective to make sure that we have safety of the people we are responsible for as a paramount concern.

Why is this a different approach?

It’s because the training supports compliance with the Prevent Duty in a way that is more resonant with what you’re trying to do in other areas. It’s inclusive not just an add on.

It’s about looking at the people you have responsibility for and then helping them by supporting those individuals that are or may be vulnerable to extremist ideas or radicalisation.

The Prevent Duty training course from Marshall E-Learning is an excellent way of getting all of your staff to be aware and understand what they can do and that it is not just senior staff who have responsibility to act.

The course shows how all staff can deal with these issues at the right time and in the right way.


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