David Marshall – CEO and Founder

1st March 2012

After an initial career involving investment banking in New York, David joined the consultancy team at Penna Consulting PLC.

His subsequent role of Head of Research saw him get involved in a variety of internet projects that involved developing online platforms for the executive search side of the business and the online career consulting portal used with all Penna candidates.

His work saw him get involved with some of the major e-learning consultancies in the UK, and this experience made him determined to set up a e-learning consultancy which demystified the production process, and gave clients excellent value for money.

His first business, Marshall ACM grew from being a niche online diversity training consultancy to now serving as the leading provider of online training to universities and colleges in the UK.

David studied English and History to postgraduate level at University of Sussex, he lives in London, and is passionate about learning technologies, literature, and history.

He is also a commentator on issues including equality and diversity in the workplace, and e-learning in the media, a member of the Institute of Directors and sits on the advisory board of career management consultancy 10Eighty.

Watch David discuss e-learning and diversity training in the 2 videos below:


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