Confronting a Lack of Diversity

10th June 2015

The Marshall ACM team watched this video oftech leaders confronting the lack of diversity at their companies‘?with interest. From the article on’?Recode:

‘Most of the tech industry leaders who showed up at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes this week were confronted with one of the most important issues facing Silicon Valley today: How diverse are your ranks?’

In the video,’ Reddit’s‘ Ellen Pao,’ Apple’s‘ Jeff Williams,’ Snapchat’s‘ Evan Spiegel and other speakers offer their thoughts on the topic and, in some cases, hard numbers on how many (or how few) minorities and women make up their ever-growing ranks.

The video was especially interesting for us at Marshall’s as we believe confronting a lack of diversity is not just for tech leaders and their companies, but for all leaders in all industries.

The question to ask is what ways can companies genuinely confront a lack of diversity in their companies apart from paying lip service or sloganeering?

There were some great comments from the video that organisations outside of the tech sector could learn from:

‘Diversity for us is really closely tied to competency.’

‘It’s not cool to think about people as numbers. We think about people and diverse skillsets.’

‘Diversity matters. It’s just good business. The best decisions are often made by diverse groups of people.’

‘Many people see tech as the change they want to see in the world and when we don’t reflect that change, then people feel let down.’

Capturing equality data about employees and running a blended learning approach from the boardroom to frontline staff is one way of going about confronting a lack of diversity.

As the saying goes, what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done.

With our Elearning and Learning Management System, Marshall’s can train staff on Diversity & Inclusion while creating valuable data that shows how much the company is doing to creating a diverse and inclusive organisation.

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