Barnardo’s Elearning Course

17th June 2014

Child Sexual Exploitation awareness course, developed by experts

This innovative CSE awareness elearning course has been developed in collaboration with childrens’ charity Barnardos. It has been designed for young people, to be used in a facilitated classroom environment, and to be engaging and informative for children, yet not patronising.

Your learning outcomes

Although the course has been designed for young people to raise awareness about this important and highly sensitive issue, it will also be useful for anyone working with children, or who may be approached by children because of their profession or the nature of their work.

A range of highly engaging learning methods have been woven into the course including a word match game and a story combining video, audio, text messaging and multiple choice questions that ask learners “What do you think?” at pivotal stages of the story.

Key objectives

  • To help learners understand the key terms used when discussing and/or reporting CSE
  • The help explain and clarify to learners the situations in which CSE may arise, as well as the circumstances and methods of grooming that may be employed in order to facilitate CSE
  • To raise learners’ awareness about who they can?contact in cases of a suspected or actual CSE.

Course duration: 30 minutes – learners have the option to bookmark progress and complete the course in chunks.

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